About Biosphere 2

    The University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 is a large-scale earth-science facility that encompasses about 3.15 acres of land and houses five synthetic ecosystems encased in a glass and metal shell. It bridges the gap between laboratory experimentation and real-world observations of climate change. The original vision of Biosphere 2 was to create a model of earth’s natural systems: rainforest, ocean, savanna, wetlands, and desert. This unique ability to manipulate environments provides scientists’ greater understanding of global climate change effects and causes. The facilities at Biosphere 2 serve to provide at scale testbeds to help verify the viability of smart-grid technologies, quantify smart-grid costs and benefits, and test new business models that can be readily adapted and replicated around the country.
    SolarSpace has had a first-generation demonstration units at the Biosphere 2 for its capacity in a micro-grid setting. Demonstration of the SolarSpace off-grid E-Station will be a highlight at the Biosphere 2 that is open for visitors as well as students and researchers as it fits within the mission of bringing research into the built environment. The charging station will be available as a working model to be being utilized by Biosphere 2 employees and available available for researchers and students to further their research interest. This E-Station will be a prime example on how Biosphere 2 works with commercial demonstration projects and bringing research into the world (Biosphere 1).
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